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Jan 14, 2013 8:00pm EST
looking for ways our government to look better, would like to add flexibility -- not demand it, only permit it -- to also address the other hurricane event which happened, which is in my own state, st. john's parish, and the damage inflicted in st. john didn't make headlines as did sandy, but there were thousands of people who lost their businesses, lost their homes, and we're spending all kinds of money. st. john's parish, one small parish in the midst of the devastation, has spent $12 million on debris removal. 12 million. now, that is predictable. we know it's going to happen and the army corps is moving to figure out a way to mitigate. how to prevent doing this again. i'm told they need a million dollars of federal money to finish the study and begin the authorization process. that's part of what we have committed to in the congress. instead, next time there's a big event, there will be 12 million more in debris removal. it's just crazy. so, again, this is not an earmark for south louisiana. it doesn't instruct the corps to spend one dollar. all it does is give the corps th
Jan 19, 2013 6:30pm EST
individuals and even government should do. i talked about countries, such as france. innovative people, but government, not so much. you have to speak french. i'm talking about strategies and techniques in different communities. >> is this written for businessmen and women? >> when i wrote my first book for washington, it became a bestseller. this book is written for someone starting out as well as professionals in the business. i have gotten great feedback. one person said that he would require it for reading material and training. also based on these findings, it seems that it will do well around the world. >> why the name change docs international? -- ces international? >> a marketing person suggested it. we changed it so that international people felt comfortable. they are very important for u.s. events. our economy is growing slower than other companies. we want those international people to come here. plus, they spend money here. plus, why company should go abroad when buyers can come here? the ces is much more the consumer electronics. we get the ceos and that top marketing people fr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2